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Essential to our thriving work environment are the Values that define the behaviors that we do, and do not, expect from all employees. Living these behaviors optimizes individual and team engagement, driving strategy achievement and our mutual success.

Achieve Together



  • Focus on results and celebrate when we get there

  • Hold people accountable and reward high-quality performance

  • Set ambitious and clearly defined goals

  • Act with a healthy sense of urgency and intensity

  • Connect everything we do to tangible patient solutions


We/I Do Not:

  • Do not create a culture of fear, blame, and over-aggressiveness

  • Do not drive people towards unrealistic goals and targets




  • Think and collaborate across functions to do what’s best for the organization

  • Actively encourage and engage all voices and opinions

  • Proactively communicate and share information

  • Support the growth of others with coaching and development opportunities

  • Foster relationships built on authenticity, respect, and consideration


We/I Do Not:

  • Do not revisit decisions to make everyone happy

  • Do not let collaboration lead to slow or unclear decision making

Explore & Build



  • Seek out ways to continuously learn and evolve

  • Pursue purposeful, practical, patient-driven science

  • Ask questions from a place of curiosity to encourage ideas

  • Take risks after appropriate analysis

  • Maintain flexible approaches and ways of working


We/I Do Not:

  • Do not focus and chase too many things

  • Do not act before thinking things through

Act Responsibly



  • Work to align goals, objectives, and activities across functions

  • Measure performance and communicate it with others

  • Think twice before creating necessary policies

  • Define and communicate clear roles and responsibilities

  • Act with integrity, doing things responsibly and ethically


We/I Do Not:

  • Do not create processes and procedures that strangle flexibility

  • Do not let caution derail creativity and innovation

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